A gold mine collapse in Sudan’s Northern state has killed 14 miners and injured more than 20, reported Reuters citing a senior official in the state-owned Sudanese Mineral Resources Company.

The accident was caused due to a collapsed section of a mountainside near al Jabal al Ahmar mine, located 70km from Wadi Halfa.

Sudanese Mineral Resources Company spokesperson Moataz Hajj told The Associated Press (AP) that several surviving trapped miners were rescued by the search and rescue team.

According to witnesses, cited in a report published by Sudan’s state-run news agency SUNA, the mine collapsed due to the use of heavy machinery by the workers inside mining wells for gold.

Local security sources indicated that the number of casualties at the site could rise due to the difficulty of the rescue operation. A search mission is underway for the missing miners.

In a similar development, an artisanal gold mine collapse has killed at least 15 people in north-western Burundi, reported Anadolu Agency citing an official.

The accident occurred on 1 April 2023 in the Mabayi commune of the Cibitoke province due to the overflowing of the Rugogo River, according to the commune’s administrator Nicodemus Ndahabonyimana.

Ndahabonyimana was quoted by reported as saying: “The victims were operating in underground wells at an illegal mining site. After learning about the incident, rescue teams launched the search to rescue the victims in vain.”