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Florence is a staff writer across energy titles and a graduate of MLitt Global Social and Political Thought.

Florence Jones

UK council backs drilling for disused coal mine geothermal project

A project is underway in the east of the UK to explore the geothermal potential of disused coal mines to heat UK homes and businesses.

Brazil’s court grants injunction to crack down on illegal gold mining

Brazil’s Supreme Court has granted an injunction in line with President Lula’s crackdown on illegal gold mining, giving the government 90 days to develop new legislation to limit the practice.

Australia: Revenue from critical minerals to match coal by 2028

An Australian government report predicts that critical mineral export revenue will match that of coal by the year 2028.

Akobo Minerals begins “ultra-small” mining in Ethiopia

Akobo Minerals has produced gold from its “ultra-small” mining plant in Ethiopia in a trial to produce gold using the tailings from a previously established artisanal mine.

Tesla announces record electric vehicle production

Tesla has reported record production results as the company continues to cut costs of its electric vehicles, increasing mineral demand.

US and Japan sign critical mineral agreement

The US and Japan have signed a critical minerals agreement to establish stronger supply chains, Japan hopes that its inclusion in the IRA will follow.

Argentinian lithium exports surge 234% in 2022

The Argentinian government has reported a dramatic increase in lithium exports in 2022 as demand for the metal shows no sign of decreasing.

Flooded coal mines to be used to heat homes in the UK

The West of England has dedicated funding to the development of a new means of heating UK homes, making use of the geothermal processes which occur in disused coal mines.

Nine killed in attack on Chinese mine in Central African Republic

Nine have died and a further two have been injured at a Chinese-owned mine in the Central African Republic in a gun attack, the latest in a series of attacks at Chinese-operated mines in the country.

Norway’s Loke Marine Minerals acquires UK Seabed Resources in a move towards green tech

Norway’s Loke Marine Minerals has acquired deep-sea mining company UK Seabed Resources, a former subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, and the company has plans to begin mining in 2030.